Possible Paintings


Patrons of the arts have supported painters for centuries by commissioning finished works from compositional sketches. The art world is constantly changing, as are the modes in which we connect with existing patrons and new clients. There are many platforms for showcasing new work, but are they always economical or particularly environmentally friendly? Wasted materials are not conducive to this ideal.

Hutch has come up with an idea to combat this conundrum.

The PDF is a catalogue of images hand drawn on paper and digitally coloured, representing a compositional proposition by Hutch for an original ‘one of a kind’ oil painting on canvas.

The idea is to enable people to start or continue their collection of Hutch paintings in a totally different way. These images are for you to consider the possibilities. Compositions can be commissioned as they are or with slight amendments.

If you like an image but there is a slight tweak you would like to make just get in touch.
Each artwork will only be commissioned once so it is entirely unique. Guide prices and measurements are at the end of the document.

To view a PDF of the ‘Possible Paintings’ idea click HERE

Slideshow of examples ︎︎︎