Insights is an annual publication produced by Understanding Societys and includes policy relevant research on the themes of civic engagement, education, employment, families and households, health, and income and wealth. HUTCH was commissioned to illustrate the Insights 2020 - 21 special edition publication looking back at over 10 waves of Understanding Society data.
In addition to illustrating Insights 2020 – 21 HUTCH was also commissioned by Understanding Society for Insights 2018.

© HUTCH 2021

Suffolk Mind

* Affiliated with Mind UK.

‘All of us have mental health, just as we have physical health. We are all on the mental health continuum – and we move up and down it depending on how we cope with the challenges of life and the stresses that it creates.’ Suffolk Mind works across the continuum, from wellbeing to ‘severe and enduring’ mental ill-health, providing support & information for everyone. In 2021 Suffolk Mind launch Easy Minds.  This will encompass new resources specifically aimed at secondary school pupils and young adults.  HUTCH was commissioned to illustrate the ideas and values central to the Emotional Needs and Resources model. © HUTCH 2021

Obsidian Wine Co.

Illustration for Obsidian Ridge vineyard range, California USA, including Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignons.

Hutch x Bloomfield

Will Bloomfield is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter & producer from Suffolk. Alongside his own music, he has written, produced & performed songs for Alfie Templeman, The Vaccines, Professor Green & Little Mix - amongst others. He is currently working on a number of projects slated for release in 2021.

HUTCH X BLOOMFIELD NO 1. - Made in Isolation, Together.

Take a couple of minutes to watch/ listen and forget everything.A meditative collaboration between musician Will Bloomfield and HUTCH. The work explores new creative territory contrasting sharply with the present physical distancing we all need to wisely abide by.


We are all marking time in some fashion through this period of isolation. What acts as a “date stamp” for this collaborative piece and its predecessor is the outside/ foley bird song recordings. Strange isn’t it, how the most airborne of species has such a grounding effect.


This is a concoction of music and drawings that offer you a 2 minute game and an audiovisual wander.

Within the mix, 14 Penguin book titles appear in reimagined forms. These are followed by three quotes from well known Penguin classics. Can you guess all the book titles and which authors are quoted?

HUTCH X BLOOMFIELD NO 4. - As One Door Closes, Another One Opens.

The drawing element in this collaboration was initially entitled ‘Multiplicity’ and was designed to be an exhibition poster for an exhibition planned for March 2020.    Despite all the tragedy, Hutch, like many others, was extremely fortunate to find some opportunity for creative re-evaluation and this collaboration celebrates new plans on the horizon.